Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Remove Bisphenol A Plastics from Your Cupboards: Endocrine Disrupters with Serious Health Consequences

".............bisphenol A, a compound detected in the urine of 93% of Americans recently tested. An overwhelming majority of these studies show that the chemical is harmful----causing breast cancer, testicular cancer, diabetes, hyperactivity, obesity, low sperm counts, miscarriage and a host of other reproductive failures in laboratory animals."

Susanne Rust at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ( ) and staff researched 258 scientific studies from around the world concerning the safety of bisphenol A. It is used to make polycarbonate, the plastic most commonly used to make baby bottles and much more. It is ubiquitous in our environment and a serious threat to our health. The government of Canada has already banned the substance completely. This article is thorough and comprehensive. I would highly recommend that you read it if your looking for more information on what this is and where it is found.

In addition, I am including a link below to a handout that clearly lists harmful plastics and the various ways you can identify them. In the meantime a good rule of thumb would be to avoid plastic containers, NEVER heat food in plastic of any kind, including plastic wraps and be especially vigilant with your infants and young children. Some scientists are comparing this to the lead and asbestos crisis of this generation!