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Bachelor of Science in PharmacyCollege of Pharmacy
University of Rhode Island
September 1984-May 1989

Masters of Education in CounselingProvidence College
Providence, RI

Psychodynamic/Pastoral Psychotherapy Residency
Interfaith Counseling Center
Providence, RI
January-September 2002

Reiki Master TrainingRichard Curtin, PhD
Cambridge, Massachusetts
April and May 2003

Staff Pharmacist
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, NH
  • Drug information consultant for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Poison center consultant for emergency room physicians and the general public.
  • Pharmacokinetic analysis of drug levels, drug and dose recommendations.
  •      Evaluation and review of adverse drug reaction reports submitted by physicians, nurses, pharmacists and the clinical review services department.
Interfaith Counseling Residency: Included Psychodynamic, Family Theory with a spiritual integration. Background in Cognitive-Behavior, Person-Centered, and Gestalt Therapy at Providence College and Salve Regina University.

Pharmacist for CVS pharmacy

Reiki training at Center for Change in Cambridge, Massachussetts


Certified Reiki Master

Registered Pharmacist

American Counseling Association

American Holistic Health Association

International Center for Reiki

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